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Black Lives Matter: Resources on anti-racism, justice and how to support Black owned businesses.

Offering you resources on anti-racism, justice and how to support Black owned businesses.

Over the last month, I have taken the time to educate myself on the ongoing racism and injustice happening in the Black community. I will be real transparent here, I am embarrassed and ashamed that I did not take the time to educate myself on these injustices before the horrible and brutal death of George Flyod. The ongoing police brutality, racism, racial bias and injustice towards the Black community in this country is appalling.

My promise is that here at Moxie Gal Marketing, we will continue to educate ourselves and support the Black community in America as best as we can.

Below, we have put together resources on ways to educate, get involved and support Black owned business.


Podcasts to listen to:

  1. 1619 Podcast

  2. The Systems That Protect The Police by The Daily Podcast

  3. How Facebook Is Undermining Black Lives Matter by the Daily Podcast

  4. The History and Meaning of Juneteeth by The Daily Podcast

  5. Silence Is Not An Option with Don Lemon by CNN

  6. Code Switch by NPR

Books to read:

  1. Be The Bridge by Latasha Morrison

  2. I'm Still Here by Austin Channing Brown

  3. The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tibsy

  4. White Awake by Daniel Hill

  5. Race Matters by Cornel West

Get Involved

  1. Campaign Zero

  2. Chasing Justice

  3. Equal Injustice Initiative

  4. The Next Question

Support Black Owned Businesses

I have had the honor of working with some of these businesses.

  1. Glo Girl Cosmetics

  2. Taylor Jay Collection

  3. Jovance Hair Salon

  4. Ase Naturals

  5. The Lip Bar

  6. Satori Notes Jewelry

  7. Sukie's Candle Company

  8. Mess In A Bottle

  9. Mocha Girl Beauty

  10. Suite For Wines

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